Why Choose Us

We understand that having any type of painting work done is disruptive so we do our very best to minimise the noise and mess caused during the process. Our paint sprayers will always be courteous and considerate throughout every stage of the process. When we arrive we will check with you where we can put our equipment and ask if there is any special requests that you would like us to follow. For example, sometimes we are asked to paint rooms in a particular order or break for lunch at a certain time and we're happy to comply with your requests.

When we start work we will carefully move furniture or other items out of the way then cover any items that cant be moved. We will them mask items that are not to be painted such as window or door frames or areas of wall before we check with you that the paint we are about to apply is the colour you have chosen. We will then work quietly and quickly to get the work done, creating as little mess as possible whilst also cleaning as we go.

Once the job is complete we will tidy and remove all masking material. We will replace all furniture back to where it initially was and pack away all covering used during the spraying. We will then invite you to inspect the work and give you any guidance on how long the paints will take to dry.

Out of Hours

For some businesses such as shops, restaurants or offices we appreciate that you can't have us paint your premises during normal working hours which is why we offer special out of hours painting. Because of the noise and disruption of spraying we can arrange to paint either very early in the morning, or through the night to get the work done with almost no disruption to your normal business. If you would be interested in our out of hours spray painting then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Areas Covered

Our spray shop is based in Leith in Edinburgh. Generally speaking we cover all areas in Scotland. However, we have done work covering most of Scotland and can travel when we sign commercial customers with several premises UK wide. If you need any sort of spraying outwith this boundary please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Edinburgh Painting Area Map