Kitchen Unit Paint Spraying

Refresh your kitchen by having your kitchen units spray painted

Kitchen Unit Painting

Does your kitchen looks tired or dated? Are you thinking of getting a new kitchen fitted? Our kitchen paint spraying service could be just what you need to bring your kitchen back to life. Only spray painting gives the quality of finish that you would expect to see in a kitchen.

What separates us from our competition is a fact that we use high quality spray booth, which allows us to fully control environment in which spraying is taking place.

Because of the fact that spray booth is used, we can not only control pressure at which your kitchen units are sprayed, but most importantly we can control environment temperature at the same time minimizing possible interference from dust particles, dirt etc.

We offer domestic painting for home users and private landlords and we also offer commercial kitchen spraying contracts for building companies and letting agents. We can refresh a kitchen quickly after a tenant moves out as well as paint newly built kitchen in housing developments and for local authorities.