Table and Chair Spray Painting

A coat of paint will make your table and chairs look brand new

Table & Chair Paint Spraying

Spray painting your tables and chairs gives them another life and refreshes them like they have been bought just yesterday. Our recognized professionals will make sure that your furniture will look absolutely amazing.

Because spray painting is around 10 times quicker to apply than regular paint, and dries 10 times faster we'll have your furniture looking as good as the day it left the showroom with no mess.

Our spray booth is quite substantial, 8m x 4m and 3meters in height, so we can paint lots of units at the same time in a highly controlled environment.

If you own a company and you are the boss and would like to make sure that your special desk chair is perfect or if you are a owner of a restaurant and need to add more life in facilities in your restaurant then A1 Sprayers are the people for the job!

We can pick up furniture from your home or a business, or you can drop it off yourself.