Steel & Structural Painting

Paint Spraying is the most efficient way to paint any steel surfaces

Steel & Structure Spray Painting

Without the recent development of paint spraying technology steelwork painting was a slow and expensive process. Smooth attractive finishes in the paint were very difficult to achieve and amount of time required to paint steelwork meant that beams and similar steelwork often went unpainted and was left to deteriorate.

Thanks to modern paint spraying equipment we can now cost your steelwork with a smooth and durable coat of paint in less than a day. Spray painting means there's no wastage and a perfect finish is achieved every time - unlike the sort of finish you would get with a paint roller or brush. We have thousands of colours of paint available and a huge range of finishes on offer as well as a range of specialist paints designed exclusively for coating steelwork. Most of paints are fire protection paints, When choosing to fire protect your steelwork we can carry the service and issue a certificate to carried service.

Essential Steel Spray Painting Processes :

  • Priming Steel Steelwork
  • Intumescent Coat Steelwork Spray Painting
  • Top Coat Steelwork Spray Painting

We offer steelwork painting for both residential and commercial customers and cover all areas in Scotland with possibility of working in UK and Nationwide. If you would like to discuss your steel painting needs the please get in touch and one of our sprayers will be happy to arrange a site visit if necessary and provide you with a full quote.