Plastic Component Spraying

With 20,000 colours to choose from and 10 different finishes you'll never be stuck for choice

Plastic Component Spraying

Our plastic component spray painting service means you can get a factory finish on thousands of plastic components in very little time. We can offer tough wearing polymer or acrylic paint and by spraying several layers of paint on your components we can offer a quality long lasting finish.

All spraying of plastic components takes place in our paint shop in a spray booth, where we can control the temperature and air quality.

This attention to detail in preparation and environment allows us to paint multiple parts without any imperfections. If you have thousands of products or you have a single piece that you want painted then get in touch as we offer our paint spraying service both to domestic and commercial clients.

Household Ideas for Plastic Spray Painting :

  • Picture Frames Spray Painting
  • Storage Container Spray Painting
  • Storage Drawers Spray Painting
  • Storage Bins Spray Painting
  • Mirror Frames Spray Painting
  • Plastic Chairs & Tables Spray Painting
  • Flower Pots Spray Painting
  • Garden Furnitures Spray Painting

If you're not sure about the sort of paint or cost of having your plastic spray painted then get in touch and one of our senior spray technicians will be happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate and advice.