Specialist Spraying - Paint Spraying Finishes and Coatings

At A1 Sprayers we use professional 2 bar paint guns to apply your paint. When painting with sprayers you get a perfectly even coating with an ultra quick drying time - up to 20 times quicker than traditional paint applicators such as a roller or brush. Another benefit of spray painting is that there's no waste and the application time is approx 10 times quicker than usual paint systems so you get the paint you want, in less time, for less than the usual price. And just because we use paint guns to spray on your paint doesn't mean there's less choice of paint - in fact there are more! Please see below for some of the paint types we offer.

Anti Bacterial Spray Paint

A1 Sprayers recognised an increased demand for antimicrobial coatings, and can offer plethora of coatings which all comply with the stringiest European legislation.

A1 sprayers can offer our Clients a stress free antimicrobial painting solution with minimum disruption to production and the workforce.

Only one application of our product not only will proactively and continually fight the growth of any bacteria, mold and fungi but also Kills 99.9% of existing germs and bacteria on surfaces, including disease-causing microorganisms such as: H1N1 Flu Virus, MRSA, Hepatitis.

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Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic coating  also called electro re-enamelling, is a manufacturing process that employs charged particles to paint more efficiently.

The surface which is going to be painted is given a negative electrostatic charge, and because opposites attract the paint bond to the surface. Paint, in the form of powdered particles or atomized liquid, is initially projected towards a conductive workpiece using standard spraying methods, after that is accelerated toward the work piece by a powerful electrostatic charge.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of dry coating. The coating is applied electrostatically which is then cured with heat (normally cure process takes 10 minutes at 200 Celsius). Main advantages include nearly zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and much thicker coatings are possible without running compared to traditional methods of application.

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Sand and Soda Blasting

A1 Sprayers offer premium sand and soda blasting services throughout Scotland. We can safely and efficiently remove paints, powder coatings, dirt from classic cars, yachts, house beams and masonry.

Soda blasting has a slight advantage over sand blasting, because it does not use friction to remove any coatings and there is virtually no heat created. As a result of that there is no warping and pitting of metal, which makes soda blasting perfect for removing paints from fragile material like aluminium.

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Fire Protection Paint

We can spray a variety of fire protection paint depending on your needs. We offer intumescent paint for architectural use such as in buildings as well as specialist intumescent paint for pipework, specialist steel and oil rigs. We can spray with a fireproof paint that swells and provides a buffer when contacted with flames or offer simple flame retardant paint that resists combustion no matter the temperature. We do travel for many fire proof paint jobs so get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your paint requirements.

High Gloss Finishing

Recognising growing demand to stylish, high end finishes here at A1 sprayers we can offer highest quality high gloss finish to almost any surface. Works ideally to rise profile of any kitchen units or worktops giving that new sleek finish that clients are after.

Our spray booth is quite large, 8m x 4m and 3meters in height, so we can paint thousands of small components for or couple bulky pieces - whatever is required. All in a highly controlled environment to guarantee perfect finish at all times.

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Traditional Finishes

As well as specialist paints we can offer thousands of colours of paint and can even mix paints to help you get the exact shade of paint that you need. With our paint spraying system we can leave you with a high gloss finish, a high matt finish, a high satin finish or a high eggshell finish. You choose and our expert paint sprayers will get your job done in the minimum of time with no wastage and a quick drying time thanks to our paint spraying system.

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One of our paint specialists will advise you on the best sort of paint to be used on your project.