Masking and Protection

Painting using a paint spray system is quite different from painting using a traditional brush or roller so we have to prepare a little differently before we undertake your work. Just the same as when you get the painters in we will cover all your tables, chairs, carpets etc but we will also mask off any areas that aren't to be painted. This gives us a crisp, straight edge that cant be done by hand with a spray gun.

How it works
  • We'll provide you with a quote or visit you on site to measure up
  • Once the work has been agreed we'll arrive as discussed and start to mask up areas that mustn't be touched by paint.
  • We'll spray your chosen colour of paint and render the finish you would like.
  • We'll tidy up and remove all masking
  • Within 24 hours the paint will be dry and you'll be able to use the surface as normal.

The sort of work we are doing will dictate what sort of protection must be used. For spray painting we use masks and if we are painting in a very enclosed area we would usually ask that you wait outside the room being painted until the spraying process is complete. For outdoor paint spraying there is no need for any masks to be worn and you will be free to watch the work progress should you wish.

When sanding floors our machinery produces very little dust as most of this is now caught during the process but there will be a lot of noise generated by the work so we will wear ear defenders so if the noise disturbs you it is often best that you also wear ear protection or vacate the premises. If we are sand or soda blasting, applying fire proof paint or electrostatic paint then we will use special breathing apparatus and you cannot be present while this sort of work is undertaken. If you required the MSDS safety shets for any specialist paints before we spray them please get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with them.