Lift Painting

We will quickly regenerate your premises with a protective coat of new paint

Lift Paint Spraying

If your office or building lift is looking tired then we have a perfect solution for you, a brand new coat of paint to make it look like brand new again. Lifts suffer from constant scratches and marks but we have a solution that will allow us to paint your lift with a minimum of fuss and with the minimum downtime possible.

If your lift has significant damage to it, such as couple deep dents then we would usually remove the door and take them off-site to be repaired and spray painted in our workshop. However, if it's only cosmetic damage and all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint then we can complete the job on-site and usually within a day. We use a special metallic paint that is very durable and dries quickly and gives a perfect finish every time.

We have thousands of paint colours to choose from and using our spray paint system is more cost effective than our competitors. We offer our lift paint spraying service to both domestic and commercial customers and can help you if you're a factor or letting agent or a property developer or building company. For a lift inspection please call us on 0131 555 6482 and we'll be glad to give you a estimate.