Fire Protection Painting

We can spray with fire retarding paint to help reduce fire damage - A1 Sprayers covers whole UK and Nationwide depending on circumstances.

Fire Protection Painting

A1 Sprayers offers fire protective or fire retardant paint as it is also known. Typically this sort of paint would be used on steel beams to give time to escape from any fire within the building and to prevent collapse during a building fire. We also offer intumescent paint which will foam and bubble up when it comes in contact with heat to provide an insulating barrier to protect against the fire from penetrating and spreading. Both of these fire protection paints help save lives and are a legal requirement in some building regulations and by some insurers.

Our paint spraying system allows for fire protective paint to be applied to the correct thickness and with the correct finish. Some paints may need several coats to achieve the level of fire retardation required and we can also offer an over coating layer of paint to protect the active layer from humidity which could impair its effectiveness.

Surfaces which can be Fire Protected

  • Steel Construction
  • Doors
  • Wooden Windows

For a no obligation quote please feel free to get in touch with us and a senior painter will be happy to discuss your needs.