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Electrostatic Painting

Cost effective

Thanks to it's efficiency electrostatic
spraying incurs less labour, reduces
material costs, prevents from
corrosion extending the life of the
object, add value and longevity.

Perfect reach

Electrostatic spraying is designed to
cover hard to reach areas. This is
one of the main advantages over
traditional forms of painting. Better
reach means better service quality.

Powerful bond

Through the magnetic effect, bond
of the coating to the surface is
powerful. Even on complex and
finesse shaped objects the result is
impressively high quality finish.

Wraparound effect

Thanks to wraparound effect it's
much easier and faster to spray
awkward pieces of machinery or
other surfaces like balustrades, lift
doors, chainmail shutters and more.

Key information

Electrostatic paint spraying is one the most exciting innovations and most effective technique to come from paint spraying technology. Once the preserve of paint shops we can now offer electrostatic spray painting off site and in your premises. Our special paint guns charge the droplets of paint with a static charge which help the paint stick to the metal object being sprayed. Once, when awkward pieces of machinery or doors (such as lift doors) once had to be taken away for coating we can now offer a perfect coat of paint to any fixed metallic objects that you have in place.

Examples of electronically painted items:
- Balustrades
- Lift doors
- Chainmail shutters
- Radiators
- Aluminium doors and frames
- Filing cabinets
- Factory machinery


- Work surface or item needs to be earthed to give it a negative charge
- The paint goes through a paint gun with a revolving chamber
- Atomised paint creates a positive electric charge to each particle of paint
- The positive charged paint is drawn onto the earthed object by electrostatic attraction
- The paint wraps around intricate objects giving a smooth, factory like finish


- Wraparound effect coating hard to reach areas
- Extremely efficient (98% paint usage)
- Cost effective
- Very durable
- Preventing corrosion
- Environmentally friendly


- Uses a high voltage electrostatic charge which is applied to both the workpiece and the sprayer mechanism
- Uses 95% of sprayed paint due to reduced over-spray and better wrap-around
- Workpieces must be conductive

Our mission

Whatever we do, we believe in giving more of ourselves. Because the only way of proving ones true passion and dedication is to care more.We achieve this by continuously expanding our professional knowledge, as well as adjusting our solutions to make our client's professional life better.
We offer high level service of spray painting tailored to the individual needs of a demanding customer.

Our work technique


Before we start spray painting we cover the area with polythene sheeting. We carefully carefully secure all items and surfaces that are not supposed to be painted and needs to be protected. If the workspace is large enough we divide it into separate sections with professional curtains enabling our team to work without hindrance.

Priming and top coating

We use one of the best tools and products on the market to ensure the quality of work. If necessary to reach a higher ground we also use scissor lifts, mobile towers and other. In most cases, once workspace's beed de-masked and surface begins to dry, everything is ready for business the very next morning.

Our promise

We promise to treat you as a valuable customer.
We promise to support you with the best knowledge we have, and to obtain additional knowledge if your situation requires it.
We promise to deliver highest quality service we can, with the best tools we have and with the best products we're familiar with.
We promise to apply price match guarantee, whenever you find the same service and product for a lower price.
We promise to attend to any unexpected factors in the way that is in your best interest.

Your benefits

Undisturbed business

Our hours are flexible. We're operating 24/7/365, so operation can take place in most convenient time for you. We can work after your operating hours so area will be ready for the next morning.

Better look

Than brush and roller painting. Spray painting is much more accurate, better quality and can cover hard to reach areas.

Lower bill

When applied in commercial use in most cases spray painting is incomparably more cost effective than traditional painting, which helps you save money for your other purposes.